Alex Morgan was censured after a “provoked” celebratory act

Immediately after scoring against England, striker Alex Morgan celebrated by performing a gesture like drinking tea, which made many fans unhappy.

In the 31st minute of the talent show between England and the United States at the 2019 Women’s World Cup semi-final, striker Alex Morgan was at the right time to hit the representative net from Europe. This goal helped the US team to win the final 2-1 and had the third consecutive draw to the final of the tournament.

However, the most mentioned thing after this confrontation is from the celebration of the beautiful striker after her sixth goal at this World Cup. Specifically, the 30-year-old girl simulated a gesture as if she was drinking a cup of tea before moving to hug her comrades.


This job made the fans, especially from England, not satisfied. Some argue that Morgan is mocking the foggy tea drinking habits. While the remainder she was mocking that scoring against England was “as easy as drinking tea”.

Journalist Piers Morgan even said that the American striker is “trying to declare war” and hopes that in the future England will give the opponent a taste of the bitter fruit once again

On social networks, many fans took the personal page of the sexiest female player in 2018 to express their anger: “Before today, my daughter is a fan of her. But from now on No, we do not accept someone who mocks the culture of others “.

On the opposite side, there are still many supporters voicing protection against Morgan’s criticism. “Maybe she just wants to enjoy a cup of tea on her birthday. We don’t have to be that stressful.”

For her part, in the interview after the match, Morgan refused to share the reason for the celebration. “My Rapinoe teammates have different ways of celebrating but no one asks why, I only have one and everyone wants to know. I want to keep it interesting for myself.”

Defeating England, the US champion will have a final on July 7 with the winner of the match between the Netherlands and Sweden.