Because of injury, Kevin Durant delivered his career future to Kyrie Irving

As a familiar scenario, the New York Knicks’ Summer season continues to disappoint and make fans heartbroken when they don’t bring any stars in the free transfer market.

As soon as there was an official announcement that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were “hand-to-hand” about the Brooklyn Nets, fans of the team blamed the team leader, who had tried his best to bring back the name.

But the truth is not what everyone imagined. Kevin Durant and Kyrie refused to sign the Knicks contract, not because of an error from James Dolan, Scott Perry or anyone in the team. The main cause came from Kevin Durant himself, more specifically because of the player’s Achilles injury.


In an appearance on Jalen & Jacoby (on an ESPN television program), Jalen Rose hinted that if Kevin Durant did not suffer serious injuries, Kevin Durant would be the one to choose the team that he and Kyrie will dock. Kevin Durant’s choice is New York City’s blue-orange team.

“Kevin Durant became the leader and tried to convince Kyrie Irving about which team they should be heading to. But KD was injured and will miss the upcoming season.” Jalen Rose said.

“You can see who wins in that discussion when a person will play and a person has to rest after an injury. Kevin Durant will need someone to own the team when he is not on the field. They are good friends. And it’s also great that they get to play together.” Jalen Rose added.

Kevin Durant will have to sit out for a year, which means that he needs someone to support and keep his team always in a stable rank when he recovers. And the choice would be Kyrie, who eventually decided to join the Brooklyn Nets and Durant decided to follow his friend.