F1, Hungarian GP: The ultimate tactical battle screen

Hungarian GP 2019 took place with the scenario no one expected. Beyond the ‘impossible’ track, but with unique and unique tire tactics, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel made a difference on the track. Victory is the result of Hamilton and Mercedes. Max Verstappen/Red Bull grumbles to finish the 2nd goal. And finally, Vettel deserves Ferrari to contribute on podium.

The race will start with Verstappen for the first time at the top of the career, right in front of the Mercedes and Ferrari duo. After the penalty of Antonio Giovinazzi was issued on Saturday, there was only one more penalty from Daniel Ricciardo before the main race.

Case depart at the first corner Hungarian GP 2019

The disappointing result in the qualifying round when not having a good track record made the Renault team decided to replace all the engines and related components (Power Units) for this racer. With the starting position of 18, Ricciardo will only have to start at the end of the race team (20th) – a wise choice by Renault.

Race conditions on Sunday afternoon are in good condition, cloudy but not raining. The temperature is about 25ºC and the surface temperature is about 45ºC. This can be said to be a good weather condition for the tire calculation strategies of racing teams.

Only 6 Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari riders in the top 10 are starting with the average tire (Medium), other riders will use soft tires (Soft), the riders outside the top 10 all use tires. Medium except Ricciardo.

The optimal tire strategy is a technical stop, which is forecasted to be 30-35 rounds with Medium and finish the race with hard tires (Hard), or 24-30 rounds with Soft then switch to Medium or 22-28 Soft and Hard. Perhaps the 2pit-stop strategy will not be focused on by the teams at the beginning but depends on the actual developments in the race.