Hamilton surpassed Verstappen, winning the Hungarian Grand Prix

Verstappen took the lead in most of the race, but let Hamilton rise from round 67 and win. Not dominating the power, but the British driver still has an important victory thanks to the tactical flexibility of the Mercedes racing team.

Lewis Hamilton‘s eighth victory since the start of the season did not come from the advantage of the W10 and the starting advantage was as usual. Hungaroring, with many tight bends, is where the Red Bull car looks very fit. Hamilton thought he had to accept second place in the middle of the race, failing to attempt to attack the RB13 at Turn 4 – where the British W10 driver even flew off the track.

Entering the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen has a great psychological advantage thanks to the latest two consecutive victories. Hungaroring racetrack characteristics make it more convenient for Red Bull. The evolution of the test races and the qualifying round clearly showed the progress of the RB13 compared to the W10. Verstappen excellently won the pole, and Hamilton even made the third start, behind teammate Valtteri Bottas.

However, Hamilton did not soon accept surrender. Verstappen easily defended the first place when starting. But in the back, Hamilton after a few corners has won the second place from the team. Bottas’s car, after slight collisions with Hamilton and Charles Leclerc himself (Ferrari), was damaged by the front wing. The W10 soon had to return to the pit to change tires and repair it, so it dropped to the end of the race.

Mercedes continued to give Hamilton a match with a set of six tires to keep the tire for the final stage. When returning to the track in round 32, the British driver was less than six seconds behind the lead. However, the gap was soon flattened after only four laps. Hamilton attacked Verstappen fiercely. However, Hungaroring is a difficult race to overcome without an outstanding vehicle, so Mercedes riders cannot overcome their competitors.

The choice of the German racing team helps the English racer flatten nearly 20 seconds apart in less than 20 laps. The crossover was too easy at Turn 1 round 67 thanks to the big difference in tires, to keep the first place until the end of the race, was a sweet achievement for Mercedes and Hamilton. “Thanks to the logical strategy, they had an incredible victory to the end,” commented F1 home page.