How to practice Jump Squat to get the best results

Have you ever asked that what is jump squat? This is a question many young people ask when they want to learn a simple gym exercise with high efficiency. Jump squat is another variation of the Squat exercise. But it is a complex and effective exercise that helps the thigh muscles and sub-muscle groups of the back thigh, leg and buttock muscles to grow and tighten automatically course.

Besides, with this Jump squat exercise you also do not need to use any gym equipment. Instead, you can do it wherever you want: at home or in the gym. With Jump squat exercise, the sit-down, jump-up movements continuously impact on toned thigh muscles, round buttocks without stretching. Jump squat makes your skin smoother, more rosy and especially helps the body increase blood circulation better after training.

Bài tập Jump Squat tăng chiều cao

With this exercise also helps you quickly improve your health and physique. Just maintain regular exercise regime for 2 months, you will have a toned body, slender desirable.

In addition, Jump squat training also helps the main muscle groups to strengthen and mobilize all other muscle groups in the body to exercise in this exercise.

When you guys understand what Jump squat is? and to perform Jump squat exercises properly to get the best results, you must practice in the following order of steps:

Power Up Your Jump Squats (Literally) | Men's Journal
  • Step 1: Your posture must be upright on the floor, the distance of your legs should be as wide as your shoulders, eyes looking straight, hands tightly held together in front of your chest or maybe to cross in front of your chest.
  • Step 2: Next do the breathing in and perform Squat down until the thigh is parallel to the training floor.
  • Step 3: Step on the floor to exercise, take tension in the thighs and jump up so hard to make the body pop up as high as possible. With this movement, you have to breathe out and note your hand to beat the rhythm.
  • Step 4: When the toes return to the ground, immediately bring the body back to squat position, hands also return to the original position, repeating the whole movement until the end of the exercise. .