Martial arts movies to watch today (part 2)

  1. Once Upon A Time In China

The movie gave the excellent introduction of Jet Li to the world. Above all, Once Upon A Time In China combined unbelievable fight scenes with a large-scale story that may keep you engaged.

It is predicated on the crucial lifetime of Wong Fei-hung: a turn-of-the-century martial arts master as well as a healer who has become somehow a folks hero.

Once Upon A Time In China introduced in 1991 made Jet Li as a bonafide star of Chinese kung-fu movies.

  1. Ong-Bak

One of the famous martial arts movies, Ong-Bak has some insane action and journey. You’ll be able to feel the bones noise, and it’ll leave you checking your own jaw to visualize if it got shattered to pieces from weird osmosis.

The film that principally showcases Muay Thai is the standout project from the unbelievable Tony Jaa, and worthy of a watch.

  1. Drunken Master

Martial arts movies are action laden. However, Drunken Master of Jackie Chan had a unique mix – comedy.

We don’t unremarkably associate comedy with the unbeatable kung-fu action within the genre; however, Drunken Master brought a unique feel about it. And it was additionally fortunate at the box office.

It is an example of the comedic martial art genre that Jackie Chan became known. The film was graded no. 3 on GamesRadar’s list of fifty greatest martial art movies of all time.

  1. Bloodsport

Bloodsport was an fantastic American martial arts movie that was received well by the audience. It is partially based on unproven claims created by Frank Dux – a martial artist.

In 1988, once the film was introduced, it became one of the massive hits. Although not within the league of Enter The Dragon or Thirty Sixth Chamber Of Shaolin, Bloodsport may be a well crafted American action film.