Martial arts movies to watch today (part 3)

  1. Karate Kid

It is another fantastic American adventure at world-class martial arts. The movie is a franchisee, indeed. The first film that had the same name was introduced in 1984. And the latest came out in 2014. 

How successful the first two films were managed to spawn an animated television series. It was aired in 1989. Meanwhile, the remake film that was centered on kung fu was introduced in 2010. It set outside of the critical story. What is more, it featured the same plot as the original film.

The first film worked to garner critical acclaim. That said, critics showed not enough enthusiasm about its sequels. 

Why do not you take the bait, and enjoy the first film of the franchisee? You will not regret watching it. We are sure about it!

  1. Kickboxer

It is one of the American action film franchises; it totals seven films thus far. The first one was released in 1989. In 2016, the latest movie came; unfortunately, it did not make an impression

For the first few films of the franchisee, they are far more exciting and commendable. For the latest of the films, they have been more substandard and less catchy.

  1. No Retreat No Surrender

Were you a kid in the 1980s? And did you like action movies? If so, the chances are that you rented this film at some point. The movie was similar to the full-on action that was more violent, high-octane.

It is quite edgy, but wholesome and straightforward for the kids to get it. It was a big hit on video and, so, generated a stream of sequels in the next few years. Still, none were directly associated in the story. 

Have you not watched it yet? Then, you are missing a specific real adrenaline ride.