Some small golf tournaments still take place despite Covid-19 (Part 1)

Many professional golf tournaments have been paralyzed by the pandemic, but many professional golfers still have small tournament groups to maintain the feeling and atmosphere of competition.

Anna Nordqvist has joined the LPGA Tour since 2009. Up to now, she has had eight trophies and $ 9 million in prize money at the age of 32. At the same time in previous years, the Swedish golfer was very busy because of the high season.

But in the past month, the LPGA Tour has canceled three awards, postponed six events and the date of rescheduling rescheduling has been unknown, except for the major ANA Inspiration launch date for September 10 instead of April 2.

Last week, Nordqvist attended the Cactus Tour event at Moon Valley Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. Three other LPGA Tour colleagues also joined her, including compatriot Linnea Strom, rookie Haley Moore and Amy Olson with six years of membership.

Nordqvist competes in the playoff to compete for the championship with Lisa Pettersson. Winning $ 2,000 in cash after the putt scored birdie in the second side pit, the owners of the two major raised their hands and waved to a few spectators near the 18th hole.

Turning to the opponent, Nordqvist looked puzzled, then decided to abandon the procedure of shaking hands and hugging as usual after the round because he had to limit contact to prevent the risk of nCoV infection. So Nordqvist just got in touch with Pettersson and laughed.

The Women’s Cactus Tour and the peer-to-peer group called Men’s Outlaw are gathering in Arizona – one of the states with the least cases of nCoV in the United States (about 64 cases). The Outlaw Tour is scheduled throughout the city of Phoenix.

At the Moon Valley Classic with the $ 43,000 prize fund of the Outlaw Tour on the pitch of the same name from 9-11 March. Nordqvist was the only female golfer among 56 people competing for the cup. Taking the top of the table by hitting 64 sticks in the opening round, but she lost form and finished in the T28 team and did not have a reward.