Sports at home amid Coronavirus outbreak: Engaging Online Tennis Games to Play Right Now

One of the greatest things about playing tennis, including online tennis games, is, there are so many benefits. For example, they help boost your brainpower. Playing tennis, indeed, can enhance mental alertness and critical and tactical thinking by making connections in the brain. By enjoying the games, your agility, flexibility and balance are improved. Tennis is also a great way to help relieve stress. When playing the game, your mind is forced to concentrate on the task at hand instead of your stresses. It’s considered a little vacation for your brain! Not to mention, tennis is playable at any age. It is one of the best sports titles that can be played with your buddies!

If you’re looking for some brilliant online tennis games, the list below may be helpful. Your fun will be boosted as no download is required.

  1. Table Tennis World Tour

In the exciting game, put your table tennis skills to the test. You play against various AI opponents. It’s possible for you to select which nation you play for. Then, begin competing in the global level competition! Move your mouse to control the bat. As the mouse emulates your hand’s movement, you can accurately take control of your shots’ speed and spin. 

Time your shots with care and catch your competitor off guard using different spin shots. The game uses fresh graphics and fluid and realistic gameplay. Are you confident enough to win over your competitors in the global tour?

  1. Sports Heads Tennis Open

It’s one of the great online games. In the game, you compete in a tennis tournament. Ready to prove your skills and achieve victory? 

Move around by using the arrow keys. Use your racket to shoot by relying on the Spacebar. Defeat your competitors utilizing the power-ups.

  1. Sports Mini Battles

Here, it’s possible for you to either play against your buddy or an AI computer competitor. Four different sports games are available to play – tennis, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. During each game, you’re asked to strive to win over your competitor. The match is intense, indeed!