Stay home due to coronavirus outbreak? Play Must-Try Football Games for being sporty

There are a variety of sports games you can play in your browser. Football is one of the most popular sports games played in real life and the sports game world. For those who love soccer, they should not neglect the football games, which are recommended below.

  1.   Football Challenge

Football Challenge allows you to get high scores. In the game, you will take part in according to your turns. There is a defending team on the other side, which can become obstacles to prevent you shoot the ball into the goal. Use your mouse, click the left side, pull, and release to shoot the ball. This game has three categories of the single player, two players and tournament mode.

  1.   Football FRVR

This is a fun and simple sports game that is challenging but straightforward and fascinating. Your task in this game is to try to get as many scores as you can. You just use your mouse to play and the left side to kick the ball toward the goal. You have to afford to attain the gold star for each kick to boost your score.


Axis Football League is an amazing and fast-paced football game. You can choose your favorite team to join and compete with the other. Trying to understand the positions and tasks of each group can help you get more scores. To control your character, you will use ‘W, A, S, D’ to make a move in the game, left click to change a player, and space bar to kick.

  1.   Pinball Football

Pinball Football is sure to please fans from either fan-base. The pinball mechanics in the game are smooth and leave the player satisfied after each attempt. For football fans, you’ll love the theme of this stylish game.

There are pinball machines for classic Sci-Fi lovers or Adam’s Family fans. It’s one of the largest sports in the world, after all.