The American golfer occupied the top 3 VOA Classic before the last round

Jaye Marie Green took the top spot with a score of 64 sticks before entering the final round of the LPAG Tour Volunteers of America Classic (VOA Classic).

Green entered the ecstasy with 6 birdies through 7 holes. Out of hole 10, golfer in 107th position in Rolex Ranking scored 8 birdies. If she kept up the momentum, she would have become the second golfer in LPGA Tour history to have a round of 59 strokes. However, successive bogeys in holes 14 and 15 prevented Green from achieving that. Faced with the risk of falling behind, she saved the situation with two excellent putt.

In hole 16, Green tried to score the birdie with a putt at a distance of 13.7 meters, her ball went across the hole and rolled over the edge of the green (putting green). Next, she made a 7.6 meter long putt to avoid the third bogey in a row for the day. Hole 17, this golfer scored the ninth birdie in the round with a nearly 5.5 meter putt and then reached par in the last hole. In the penultimate round, Green kicked an average of 264 yards (1 yard equals 0.9 meters), hit the fairway in 10 of 13 holes, onto the green in 12 of 18 holes and 23 putt.

Holding the top spot at -14, Green stands at the chance to win the first trophy in five years of fighting the LPGA Tour. If satisfied, the prize of 195,000 USD will help Green to 35th place on the Race to the CME Globe score table and to compete for the full season title of the CME Group Tour Championship with a prize of 1.5 million USD.

Cheyenne Knight holds second place at -13. Hitting 200 strokes (66-67-67) to finish three rounds is the best achievement of the golfer in the 270th position on Rolex Ranking. As a rookie LPGA Tour this year, Knight has cut nine times in 18 tournaments.