The bad luck of the former PGA Tour champion

With a three-month suspension, Matt Every returned to the PGA Tour at the Sony Open in Hawaii but did not go beyond 36 pits due to injury.

The 36-year-old American Golfer made his debut, going through the first 18 holes with a score of 73 sticks including seven bogeys and four birdies. This is a good start for a golfer who has just spent 12 weeks as an “outsider” in which two months do not touch the club.

In addition, the first round of the Sony Open takes place in windy weather, sometimes jerking to 60 km / h, and also only 30 people achieved the score below the yard.

In the second round, Every comes from Hole 18, reaching three bogeys in the first half. Half a leg later, he removed by birdie consecutively in holes 6 and 7. After par point in hole 8, equivalent to the 17th hole in the round, he suffered a back injury and had to leave the tournament. Every has played professionally since 2006 and has won the title of Arnold Palmer Invitational 2014 and 2015.

In October 2019, the PGA Tour issued a ban on competition after it found that Every used marijuana through stimulant testing. At the time, the 36-year-old golfer said he took pharmaceuticals containing high levels of medical marijuana as prescribed by his doctor during mental health treatment and this is legal in the state of Florida where he lives.

In 2019, the PGA Tour had two cases banned from competing for marijuana use. Before Every was Robert Garrigus. He used it to treat chronic back pain.

Marijuana is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned substances. This substance is allowed for medical use in 33 states in the US.

Recently, Special Envoy Jay Monahan of the PGA Tour asserted the substance ban policies: “We are satisfied with the current legal framework and will continue to accompany WADA. Currently, there will be no exception”. Every is trying to find an alternative to not violating the doping rules of the PGA Tour.