Transgendered Golfer Takes the Farthest Ball in the World

Giving up the appearance of a man to change her status as a woman, Jamie O’Neill then won the right to compete the World’s Farther in the world by stumbling upon the available qualities.

Born in 1976, Jamie O’Neill has lived a man for 34 years. But for the past nine years, this golfer has been made a woman.

In May, she started working for a construction engineering business, and happened to return to golf when the course was put into extracurricular activities. Despite not having played the golf club for six years, O’Neill still attended because he thought it was an opportunity to engage with new colleagues.

Stepping onto the tee, she was thinking of hitting the ball. However, on the first shot, the ball was straight like cutting the fairway in half and reaching a distance of 280 yards. After that fine ball, O’Neill came up with the idea that she should go back to golf.

Colleagues jokingly said that O’Neill should take part in the contest “The World’s Fartest Delivery – WLD”. And she did it, with the goal of participating in the professional competitions system co-organized by the World Football Association (WLDA) and Golf Channel.

Under the rules of the tournament, transgender players are entitled to participate in the competition provided that the transgender surgery was performed no less than two years, up to the registration deadline. At this technical barrier, O’Neill easily passed because of the complete female figure surgery since 2012. Golf Channel has also confirmed O’Neill’s right to participate in the 2020 season.

Every year, WLDA organizes qualifying events around the world to select golfers to the final round in the US. Qualified participants will be placed in groups based on gender, age and minimum distance of play including Open (male over 18, reaching minimum 300 yards), Women’s (female over 18, dark minimum 200 yards) and Masters (male over 45 years old, minimum 250 yard).

After the preliminary round, 16 competitors with the best performance were able to enter the final round to choose three places to compete in the world finals.

In September, Kyle Berkshire beat 407 yards to win the championship with $125,000 in the Open table, while in the semi-finals, he reached 423 yards. The trophy and $12,000 in Masters content went to Chloe Garner at 347 yards. Currently, WLDA has not announced the 2020 match schedule.