Bowling and perspective on life

Playing Bowling you will learn more about life than just knowing how to pour 10 batteries. The bowling lane is straight and almost flat, but it really isn’t. You will have to face many different types of oils on the floor. That is not to say the bowling lane is dented or bumpy that you cannot see or be deceived visually.

If you look at Pin in the far lane to aim your attack, most of the time you’ll miss, instead. Use the arrows on the lane that are only about 1 meter away from you. It is the best aim for any bowling player of any skill level. Yet, few people know that.

Dropping 10 pins doesn’t just depend on your power or speed. Much of it is decided from the moment you go and go. The right pace and timing will help you get 90 percent Strike. You need to feel this quickly and make a suitable change in your fighting style so that you can win instead of just trying.

Strike after every kick is something every bowler dreams of, but we can’t always be as successful. However, you can still Spare at the 2nd hit. So do not obsess over Strike but forget Spare the remaining batteries on the floor. The winner in a bowling game is the person with the highest score after up to 12 turns.

So, you should be patient and believe in yourself. Strike will come when you finish each spare shot perfectly. Be respectful of the batter in the next lane and wait for them to finish hitting the ball.

If you are on the ball and the bowler in the next lane also goes up, you will lose focus on your pitch and lose your strike chance. That’s the minimum courtesy on the bowling floor.