Sports has become one of the most fertile grounds for punters to try their luck. Due to familiarity with many sports, bettors feel they have a better chance of making correct predictions in their outcomes. Betting companies have discovered it and are showing no signs of shyness in offering punters what they want.

Most popular sport

Even as sports betting remains a popular practice, football stands head and shoulders above other sports. The game attracts the most punters of all sports played across the world. This is understandable, given that football is a popular sport in all parts of the world and cuts across all social strata.

It is the most watched and played sport, giving most fans the confidence to venture into betting on this platform. As a result, you will find that most betting companies offer more football games than any other sports on their sports betting section. Some even specialize in just football, while others go as far as using a football in their company logos. A number of football teams are sponsored by betting companies in a bid to attract even more fans.

Numerous betting models

There are numerous betting options available in the sport of football, most of which are easy to understand. The easiest and most popular is the end result option, where bettors either pick the team that is going to win or decide if the match is going to end in a draw.

Fans love to keep the faith that the team they support is always going to win, but the possibility of losing makes them make a more rational decision when placing bets. It is, thus, not uncommon to find a fan placing money on a team playing against his or her favourite club.

Other betting options include correct scores, live-in-play betting, over/under a certain number of goals to be scored, cards, and virtual leagues.