Jose Mourinho relaxed over January transfer window of Tottenham

Mourinho has told from his first in-charge day that he did not need to sign some new players the upcoming month since he believed he was having one squad capable enough.

There could be some exits, still – notably Christian Eriksen – that could tempt him into action.

Not getting significant amounts of money to invest in transfers should be one new thing for him to contend with, yet he said that he entered the situation with the eyes open.

He said that he was at Tottenham Hotspur. He knew the club’s profile, he knew the project, he knew the vision, and he knew the objectives. He knew that in the market of transfer, he would react to things which can happen to him in the market. If one player left, he would necessarily adapt to it.

He also shared that he would never be the market’s kings, attacking key targets, fighting with many clubs which were ready by their profile as well as a philosophy for splashing the cash and going to the critical objectives.

He needed to do the things in one intelligent way, one creative direction, and he liked the players who he had – Mourinho continued. The more he worked with them, the more he knew them, and the more he realized their problems and qualities.

According to the coach, in February and January, the team will have a bit more time trying for improvement.

The defensive conundrum of Spurs

Many of Mourinho’s problems may be defensive since they have only managed to keep one clean sheet over the eight matches he has been in charge.

The challenge may be to do it with the players who are the football players they are, with their habits, the hard thing may be to place it defensively without having to lose the qualities they can have offensively – he shared.