Messi and the Copa America dream

For the first time in more than a decade, the Argentina team can be a place to ease the pain for Lionel Messi.

Argentina always sees Messi as a national defense and treats it in the most respectful way. However, after 14 years since his debut, the national Tango team  has not yet to win any major titles.

When talking about the national team, Messi seems to live in a round-time trap even though he will turn 32 on June 24. Every major tournament, Messi receives great expectations and ends with extreme frustration. He won the U20 World Cup championship in 2007, followed by the gold medal in Beijing 2008, but his performance in the national team is still nothing.

“I have to stand up and try to defy many times. This is a good message for children, not only in football, but in life. I want to leave my career when I won the title with Argentina.”, Messi said before Copa America opened on June 14.

The tournament in Brazil could be the last chance for Messi to win a great team-level title, but before that Copa America saw the worst moments of the Argentine captain.

Messi is the most goalscorer for Argentina (67 goals). He is also no longer far from the record for playing the most when he played 130 matches, only 17 less than Javier Mascherano. Undeniably the influence of Messi with Argentina, but the biggest question for him before this year’s tournament is the player who makes everyone want to admire in the colors of Barca shirt is?

There are always two images of Messi in everyone’s eyes. It is a player who plays in the “virtual 9” position under Pep Guardiola, next to Iniesta and Xavi, who are familiar from La Masia. The remaining image of an outsider when he returned to Argentina was full of arrogant personalities and proved to be uncomfortable when he was stunned for more than two years in 2009-2011.