Methods to improve resilience in volleyball

In volleyball, jumping power is otherwise called the height of the jump above the ground. When you have good jumping power will give a huge advantage to your ability to handle the air when hitting the ball and jumping the ball.

There are actually a lot of exercises that can improve and enhance your strength. But here it is to choose the right exercise and support to play volleyball that is the key.

First, prepare a pair of suitable shoes and measure the maximum height of your existing resilience. First, wearing shoes reduces the risk of unfortunate injury during exercise. Second, you are more familiar and flexible in future matches where shoes are required to be worn.

Speed ​​running or otherwise called running at high speed. It sounds simple, but extremely effective. Only the way to run at full speed is the perfect way. You just line the size 100m or 50m depending on you.

Use your best to run, see how much time it takes, then slowly improve the time next time. When running at full speed, all body organs are working at maximum capacity.

Another simple but extremely effective exercise. This exercise is simple, so you just make up your own dance as many times as it suits you and then practice. If you find it too easy, incorporate more lead and jump. But note here that the foot lead is just a support tool, but you should not abuse it too hard.

Let’s move on to the more difficult exercise next. This method of improving the depth jump strength helps you increase your resilience significantly. And especially that helps the practitioner increase the ability to maintain balance in the leap.

The depth jump is one of the exercises in the method. Plyometrics. A depth jump is a practice of jumping or stepping down from a height and then immediately bouncing on.