Table tennis come from where

Table tennis was originated from England. This is one of the only sports for the British elite in the 1880s. After dinner, high-class families will play table tennis together on the dining table.

The creator of this sport is engineer James Gibb. In 1889, he and his family members played table tennis at home. After dinner and cleaning the table, this man and his wife and children use the wooden rackets to polish at the dinner table.

Wooden racquets and cork balls and the captivating play style of the James Gibb family of engineers quickly caught the attention of the entire UK. With the immediate use of the in-house dining table at no extra cost, the area to play ball, this sport has been named table tennis.

Later, Ping pong was used as the name for the competitions using Jaques equipment. These are only matches for the elite with extremely expensive equipment prices.

In 1902, in the place of origin of table tennis – the British created the first rubber table tennis rubber. This allows the ball player to increase the spin of the ball. This is also the factor that makes up the current way of spinning the ball.

Next, the Japanese used the foam racket to invent the way of hitting table tennis. The advantage of this attack is that it increases the kicking speed and the power to spin the ball.

This change is the factor that drives attacking play to thrive thanks to a low net that is easy to hit the ball to strike fast and continuously. Later, they invented the smooth rubber and the spiked rubber rubbers.

These are the most commonly used table tennis rubbers today. The appearance of the smooth foam racket was also the premise for the rainbow-hitting technique.